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Heirloom Country Farms
6014 S.W. 137th Avenue
Archer,  Florida 32618

If you'd like to stop by for an order pick-up, please do give us a call first to make sure we'll be home when you want to come by. We also have places to go, things to do and people to see, but we'll be glad to see YOU, with a bit of an advance notice!

6014 S.W. 137th Avenue
Archer, FL 32618

Welcome to Heirloom Country Farms

We are small family farm located in beautiful Archer, Florida on five lush acres. We currently have several endangered breeds of livestock as listed on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy's website, with over 50+ hens for laying in total for this year along with numerous batches of "Label Rouge" broiler chickens for lot's of delicious chicken dinners! We also have a few Pearl Guineas, two breeds of Geese (Embeden and African Grey), two breeds of sheep on the farm (Jacob's and Southdown Babydoll cross) more than 3 varieties of ducks (Cayuga, Saxony and Khaki Campbells), one very sweet Nigerian Dwarf goat and 5 breeding sows of Gloucestershire Old Spot variety and one G.O.S. boar with more being added everyday.

We completely free range all of our poultry, in that they are only housed at night for protection, or while they are too young to be out by themselves without being dinner for other creatures! They are allowed free run of our five acre farm with our four Livestock Guardian Dogs (2 Great Pyrenees and 2 Anatolian) to ensure that they always have plenty of fresh grass and bugs available to them year round. In the evening, all of our poultry actually "know" where they live and willingly come home for protection in an enclosed area that allows for complete freedom of movement of all of our birds. They are able to see out at all times at night and rely more on their natural instincts. We do not do anything to alter the hens natural laying cycles, either with artificial lighting stimulation, hormones or other un-natural practices. If our hens have stopped laying for the season, they have stopped laying! It's that simple. We want to provide you with the most natural, healthy and most nourishing eggs possible.

Do YOU want to help the local area community, help save a critically endangered breed of pigs, chickens and ducks AND have delicious, pasture raised, "Farm Fresh, Mother Nature's Way"  chemical free Pork, Chicken, Beef and Eggs for you and your family?? Click the GOS Pigs link on the left of this page to find out more about our "Food with a Conscience" and how YOU can help!

Buy Fresh, Stay Local!

Heirloom Country Farms is currently serving the Alachua, Levy and Marion county areas, or anyone else who wants to make the drive to our farm! We do not currently ship any of our meat items. All of our items are on a first come, first served basis, and pre-ordering is suggested and required for all meat orders as we don't have extra freezer space at this time.

We can reserve any order for pick up with prepayment via cash, a local check, a credit card or bank card order placed via this website and Paypal. Please see our Current Availability link to the left of this page, for our current list of fresh products. Our available livestock is sold on the Animals for Sale page, also to the left side of this page. We do give free, ONE TIME egg samples of chicken eggs (only) for the asking, as Geese, Guinea and Duck eggs are laid in lesser quantities and as such are not always as readily available. Please keep in mind that the free sample must be picked up at the farm. You may then try your sample at home and discover for yourself how good TRUE free range really is!

Here we are listed in a University of Florida Business Ethics for Entreprenaurs Newsletter!

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